About Athletable

Athletable is a simple score tracking app for your home or office sports and was made by Nathan Hoad.

In the various offices I've worked in over the years I've played a lot of ping pong, foosball, and Wii Sports. After being increasingly frustrated from using a whiteboard and various Excel spreadsheets to keep track of games and scores I sought out a web service that could do a better job. Turns out, there wasn't a good one so I decided I should just make something myself. Initially it was just for friends but interest grew so now Athletable is open to anyone.

After running an open beta for a few month's I worked with a bunch of the 'power players' to work out what they wanted out of the stats that they were tracking. The result was a deeper analysis of their scores which then enabled a ton of cool player comparisons and sport graphs. And even now, Athletable is growing and changing each day with feedback from players.

If you have any questions or ideas then feel free to tweet me at @athletable.

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